Libraries used by Foedus:

dnsjava -
As of Java 1.4.1, the JVM can automatically find a usable DNS server. When run with Java 1.4.0, Foedus uses dnsjava for MX record queries. Without dnsjava, Foedus wouldn't run with Java 1.4.0.
Jakarta Avalon -
The Avalon framework makes component oriented programming nice and easy. In addition to the Avalon lifecycle, Foedus uses several Excalibur and Cornerstone components (for pooling, etc.). Using Avalon also makes logging simple and generic.
For a little while in its first weeks, Foedus handed the InputStream from a socket connection to an IMAP command parser and never touched it again. At that point Foedus accepted literals anywhere, which was a good thing. During refactoring, the role of the IMAP parser has been cut back to parsing single lines. Its main purpose now is to keep the command implementations cleaner. Anyway, ANTLR is a good parser/lexer generator.
Jetty -
The Jetty webserver is used by Foedus as a slightly overweight servlet container. It's cleanly embeddable and gets the job done. CSS -
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