Mail Related RFCs

The Internet Mail Consortium maintains a great list of mail related RFCs

The plain text versions are a bit annoying to navigate, though, so here are links to a few of the most relevant RFCs in HTML form. Be aware that some indentation is messed up in the HTML versions.

The specification: RFC 2060
SASL for authentications: RFC 2222
The specification: RFC 2821
Service extensions: RFC 1869
Message size declaration: RFC 1870
Pipelining: RFC 2920
8bit-MIME: RFC 1652
Large and Binary messages: RFC 3030
Delivery Status Notification format: RFC 1894
The specification: RFC 1939
AUTHentication: RFC 1734
Internet Message Format
Although the latest version is RFC 2822, most other RFCs reference the older RFC 822.
Reading mail over TLS (SSL): RFC 2595

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