Project Status

Foedus is pretty young (born in September 2002), but it's growing nicely.

SMTP Basic functionality is implemented
POP3 Basic functionality is implemented
IMAP A lot of the basic functionality is implemented. IMAP is only known to work with Outlook Express and Pegasus.

Limitations: subfolders are not supported, FETCH parameters that involve parsing a message are not implemented (which prevents IMAP from working with many clients).
Mailboxes Only a simple folder based mailbox implementation has been written. In the future, it would be good write a JDBC based mailbox implementation. The Mailbox API will definately evolve to support nested folders.

Other possible features in the future: Access Control Lists (ACL - see RFC 2086), implement observable to allow notification of new mail.
Mail Processing Mail gets where it should. Unsupported: multiple send attempts before failure, reliable transactions (if Foedus is halted with items on a queue, they never arrive). Performance isn't being completely ignored, but it isn't a priority at the moment. In the future, there will also be some sort of filtering API (in the spirit of JAMES Mailets).

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