Usage and Configuration

Hopefully Foedus 0.1.2 will 'just work.' The bin/ directory contains a batch file for Windows users to start the server with, but people on other OS's will have to type in a command similar to the following:

java "-Djava.ext.dirs=%FOEDUS_HOME%\lib" "-Dfoedus.home=%FOEDUS_HOME%" foedus.container.Main

There's absolutely no good reason for me not to include a .sh startup script, but I'm afraid I'd make some stupid mistake. Feel free to submit a startup script at the sourceforge project page.

To change the host name (from localhost to something else) or modify default ports, look at conf/config.xml.

Creating a User

Go to http://localhost:8082/ and enter a name and password. They'll be stored in plaintext (in mailTmp/users.props), so don't use a password you like.

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